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Tender Online

You can register now in order to submit your tender bids online. Once you register, you will be able to bid for any of the available 161 properties you are interested in. Please remember that the prices shown are reserve prices, meaning that your bids will have to be equal to or higher than the figures shown.

You can bid for as many properties as you wish, and you can amend your bids at any time prior to submitting. Once a bid for a property is submitted, you will not be able to amend that bid. Any bids which are not submitted will not be received and will therefore not be considered.

If you prefer to submit bids by hand, you can print out the application forms for each estate here, or collect the forms in person from the offices of Gibraltar Residential Properties Limited.

You are strongly recommended to read the  Conditions of Tender before registering and submitting a bid for any property.